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  1. Yeah but nobody cares about that anymore because it is so common to carry around an mp3 player and require a charge on the go.
  2. Well from looking at the rockbox code it doesn't look that difficult to program. The hard part is making the plugin interface but rockbox already has docs on that. Rockbox actually makes it very easy to do HID functions if you look at the source code of the latest build. id = HID_KEYBOARD_F10; rb->usb_hid_send(HID_USAGE_PAGE_KEYBOARD_KEYPAD, id); Although it is still in development, this is absolutely not true its just the documentation was never finished or kept up to date by the Summer Of Code 2009 people who programmed it. As can rockbox. In fact, when I plug in m
  3. I was thinking of something along the same lines by putting my zipit in the car and use the serial adapter to connect it to my arduino for motor controls. Only problem is that the zipit wifi driver doesn't support promiscuous mode :/
  4. Couldn't this also be done with a teensy usb-hid device that has a microsd card slot? The teensy monitors for keypresses then writes them to a file on the microsd card
  5. Your answer is grep - LINKY - Grep is a unix tool that allows you to parse and search data
  6. For me it installed fine, works as an ssh client fine, but breaks my wifi when I use it as an ssh server. I think this may be me thought rather then the ssh server itself though because it breaks for me on other things as well.
  7. Just get a cheap laptop and buy OSX and a Rebel EFI. It's only like $800 cheaper
  8. Or you could pull the lazy way and just grab their deleted history: LINK
  9. Wouldn't it be easier to use a foreach loop instead of a general for loop?
  10. Doesn't XBMC for Xbox do 1080i with special component cable?
  11. What about securing the information through $_POST because that will be sent through in plain text right?
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