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So I went looking around at netbooks today... and whereas I'm not looking for something particularity to game on, I would like something that in a pinch could handle some of the MMOs that we have out besides World of Warcraft because that will play on ANYTHING.

Basically I would like to know which Intel Graphics Chipsets are more cohesive to gaming. Anyone got the low down on this?


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They are all utter shit tbh. I tried to run D2 at 640x480 and ran at around 15FPS (25-30 if I stand still and there is nothing around me). (Intel 945 Express).

Guild Wars is at around 5-10fps full screen with everything on low (and standing still). O_o

You'd be better off to get a low spec laptop with dedicated graphics if you want games to be playable, the intel card I have doesn't even support DirectX 9.

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I have an older HP Mini, the 1035NR, it has the GMA950 in it which does ok on old games but struggles to keep up with anything from about two years ago.

I installed a Broadcom Crystal HD card in it so it can hardware accelerate videos, with the latest Flash 10.1 and a few other programs that support it. I am wondering if they will be coming out with updates so you could us it for gaming, because then it would be really useful.

If you really want to game on a netbook you should pony up and get the Alienware MX11. They reviewed it at CES and it is really awesome. A little pricey and you can't easily switch between the graphics card, but still the best thing for mobile gaming.

MX11:Alienware MX11

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