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    Mmmm.... Spam.

    A while back I started using the Social Engineering Toolkit and thought it was a great concept, But now I see that it may just be more than a good tool. Check this out: 57% of adults open and respond to spam mail. Source: http://www.h-online.com/security/news/item...ell-963843.html
  2. I used fragrouter to forward my packets between interfaces (fragrouter -E1) and used GADMIN for my dhcp configuration. Easier in my opinion and less code to type.
  3. All I know that this one is compatible with Jasager: https://www.open-mesh.com/store/products.ph...Mini%252dRouter As for the professional models, I have no clue.
  4. if you want a gaming laptop, check out the Asus G73JH-X1. My buddy just got his and it is simply amazing.
  5. ok this has been frustrating me because I cannot for the life of me find a fonera+. Were they discontinued or something? A link to a purchase online would be very helpful.
  6. i am currently using an Asus eee pc 900HD with an upgraded 2GB of ram plus a intel wifilink 5100 wireless n card, which needed an extra antenna in the lcd (easy to do). The only downside to this little machine is its pile of crap CPU, celeron m dothan @ 990 when its overclocked, which is great for somethings but not for others. However I would reccomend the Asus eee PC 1000HE, which has an intel atom chip. My buddy has got one and I wish i would have bought something with the same CPU because overall, anything is better than a celeron m in todays market, and the Atom meets mobile needs. Both of us run Ubuntu 9.10 (karmic), XP, and Windows 7 on our little hacktops. If you do plan to run Windows 7 however, get an eee pc 1000 or above because they have the intel i945 chipset vs. my pile of i915 graphics, aka no aero support for me (no hardware scheduler) :P OH BTW he also gets in the vicinity of 6 hours on his battery with his 1000, but on my 900 i only get somwhere around 3.
  7. doesnt snow leopard support most boards natively?

    Decrypt Hex

    ran it through cain and my result: d34d34
  9. software raids are ok, untill you system dies and you need to recover data...
  11. im talkin an entire school district. 2000+ computers, servers and laptops, every single one was taken down by virut. so if you wanna take down novel 6 just use virut XD
  12. why before windows loads? i use defraggler but thats in windows,,, never had to do a defrag outside of windows really,
  13. I Have to stick with AT&T because i'm currently on a family plan. I think the LG Xenon might be the way for me to go here sadly. Maybe in a year or so I will get a dataplan, but as of now its just too expensive and I have other bills to pay. eff the economy.
  14. yes but you see to get a smart phone with anything good on it, it requires a $30 a month dataplan or higher. As for the HTC and iPhone, they require the $30 dollar or higher dataplan, and the HTC is the only phone with wifi and a touchscreen/keyboard, plus its 200 bucks. A little much for me to pay, considering im still in highschool. I am considering a dataplan, although i would end up paying 50 dollars a month because of my unlimited txting, and thats 600 dollars a year. However I just saw the quickfire, which seems to be pretty decent, but im scared because of its cheap price. thanks for all your replys btw.
  15. just schools trying to do anything "unhackable" in general is a joke. My school got taken down by virut last year, well a more evolved version of it, but still. All one would have to do to "hack" their netbook is take out the hard drive, make a backup image of it, install grub, make it boot your favorite linux installer and vuala, you have "hacked" your netbook.
  16. with less than a month till my upgrade, I started thinking about what phone to get that meets my geeky needs and also doesn't require a data plan. The only one I have come across as of now is the LG Xenon, which isn't all that hackable. does anybody have any suggestions?
  17. thats because you don't have to :P it overwrites the password in the bios. no disassembly or removal of batteries needed. I use this all the time to mess with the computers at school (change the date to 2199, strange things happen)
  18. just keep track of what you put on there and be organized with your files :P i have 11 people on my freenas server. sure there are a few duplicates, but because we are organized with our data we don't have to deal with very much of that. but for what you wanted to do: enable the webserver service, set your root directory, enable directory listing and enable the registered users only function. you should be good to go.
  19. use CmosPwd to either crack or kill the password (killing is easier) check it out http://www.cgsecurity.org/wiki/CmosPwd
  20. HAHAHA YESS! I am using pretty much using VERY similar hardware. the only difference is that all my drives are seagate, and I am using a MS-7061 motherboard.
  21. I have had to use that method multiple times, mostly on the the deathstar err deskstar HDDs. From what I recall it has worked on every HDD I have had to recover, which is quite a list when you work in corporate computer repair :D
  22. Yea bitlocker+7 is the way to go. I Have 7 running on my eee pc 900HD, which runs @ 900MHz overclocked, truly pathetic but it runs better than XP :P
  23. good for a intel machine, if i were to get it i would chuck the board and throw in something with a bit more power... aka Phenom 2 Black Edition Quad @ 3.6GHz. more memory banwith :D
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