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    Mmmm.... Spam.

    A while back I started using the Social Engineering Toolkit and thought it was a great concept, But now I see that it may just be more than a good tool. Check this out: 57% of adults open and respond to spam mail. Source: http://www.h-online.com/security/news/item...ell-963843.html
  2. I used fragrouter to forward my packets between interfaces (fragrouter -E1) and used GADMIN for my dhcp configuration. Easier in my opinion and less code to type.
  3. All I know that this one is compatible with Jasager: https://www.open-mesh.com/store/products.ph...Mini%252dRouter As for the professional models, I have no clue.
  4. if you want a gaming laptop, check out the Asus G73JH-X1. My buddy just got his and it is simply amazing.
  5. ok this has been frustrating me because I cannot for the life of me find a fonera+. Were they discontinued or something? A link to a purchase online would be very helpful.
  6. i am currently using an Asus eee pc 900HD with an upgraded 2GB of ram plus a intel wifilink 5100 wireless n card, which needed an extra antenna in the lcd (easy to do). The only downside to this little machine is its pile of crap CPU, celeron m dothan @ 990 when its overclocked, which is great for somethings but not for others. However I would reccomend the Asus eee PC 1000HE, which has an intel atom chip. My buddy has got one and I wish i would have bought something with the same CPU because overall, anything is better than a celeron m in todays market, and the Atom meets mobile needs. Both of us run Ubuntu 9.10 (karmic), XP, and Windows 7 on our little hacktops. If you do plan to run Windows 7 however, get an eee pc 1000 or above because they have the intel i945 chipset vs. my pile of i915 graphics, aka no aero support for me (no hardware scheduler) :P OH BTW he also gets in the vicinity of 6 hours on his battery with his 1000, but on my 900 i only get somwhere around 3.
  7. doesnt snow leopard support most boards natively?

    Decrypt Hex

    ran it through cain and my result: d34d34
  9. software raids are ok, untill you system dies and you need to recover data...
  11. im talkin an entire school district. 2000+ computers, servers and laptops, every single one was taken down by virut. so if you wanna take down novel 6 just use virut XD
  12. why before windows loads? i use defraggler but thats in windows,,, never had to do a defrag outside of windows really,
  13. I Have to stick with AT&T because i'm currently on a family plan. I think the LG Xenon might be the way for me to go here sadly. Maybe in a year or so I will get a dataplan, but as of now its just too expensive and I have other bills to pay. eff the economy.
  14. yes but you see to get a smart phone with anything good on it, it requires a $30 a month dataplan or higher. As for the HTC and iPhone, they require the $30 dollar or higher dataplan, and the HTC is the only phone with wifi and a touchscreen/keyboard, plus its 200 bucks. A little much for me to pay, considering im still in highschool. I am considering a dataplan, although i would end up paying 50 dollars a month because of my unlimited txting, and thats 600 dollars a year. However I just saw the quickfire, which seems to be pretty decent, but im scared because of its cheap price. thanks for all your replys btw.
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