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Whats On Your Multipass


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So recently I've finished all projects and though i would get started on the multipass and i was just interested on what other distributions people have on there usbs on hak5 forum =D. So post what you have on your multipass maybe what your opinion of these tools. Of course you don't need to post the menu.lst code on this topic.

For me it various from usb but this is mine i have a separate on for fixing computers





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So post what you have on your multipass maybe what your opinion of these tools. Of course you don't need to post the menu.lst code on this topic.

For me i needed to consolidate installers into one stick as i was getting tired of carrying around multiple cd's..

Debian Net installer << got the GUI installer to work but wasnt paying attention on the initial test and wiped out my flash when it asked about installing grub :D . I also had a issue when asking to install the wireless firmware so i opt for the rj45connection.

Minimal Gentoo Installer << A bit of coaxing but i got this to run as well.

CentOS minimal Installer

The rest are the usual suspects I did get windows PE ultimate running as well.

I still have yet to find a grub4dos solution for a windows XP installer from usb (and yes i FGI :P )

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Boot From first hard disk

backtrack 4

dariks boot and nuke

damn small linux



gparted live


Hirens Boot Cd

Hirens Boot Cd w/ memdisk


mini windows xp

pupy linux

tiny core

trinity rescue kit


ubuntu 10.04


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On my multipass I have:


  1. Gentoo
  2. Backtrack 5-R1
  3. UBCD 5.1.1
  4. Puppy 528 (lucid variant)
  5. DSL 4
  6. OpenBSD 5.0
  7. UBCD4Win
  8. Yggdrasil (yes, the ancients rock out on my usb drive)

Ok, so that last OS probably looks a bit odd for those who know what yggdrasil is/was. It was the first linux version I ever ran. I customized its initrd so I could boot from USB disks and I keep it around for nostalgic days. Gentoo is my primary distro, and I use a custom AUFS config on my flash disk to be a portable main usage linux machine. The others are pretty self explanatory for how they get used. I have persistence turned on in just about all of them.


  1. syslinux
  2. isolinux
  3. grub
  4. lilo

Portable Apps for Windows

In addition to the OS's, I keep a lot of portable apps on my drive so I can service windoze machines. I have quite a lot of these apps. Generally I use them to pentest windows machines and/or do recovery for computers that have been left alone with n00bs for too long.

Hardware Tools

Ok, not quite what was asked, but I consider this a part of my mutlipass build. I carry a cybertool 29 swiss army knife. I have carried it for around 13 years and I gotta tell you, you can completely dismantle an entire server room with one of those bad boys! I highly recommend keeping one near your usb stick in your pocket at all times. I also keep a pocket set of lockpicks to go with it. (Note, your local laws may not let you carry these.) I started keeping the lockpicks around when I went in to service a rack and it had a lockable steel grating, and the owners had no idea where the key was. Server room locks are easy to work, so those little pocket folding sets do just fine. Also, you can be a hero to friends who lock their keys in their car.


The above tools are on my person at all times. Whenever someone comes to me with a broken laptop, I can usually fix it on the spot. I can also diagnose networks, recover passwords, recover wep keys, run post mortems, set up temporary firewall machines, install any flavor of linux, set up permanent firewall machines,... pretty much anything, all with what I have with me at all times.

You know, looking at the list, I could be a real menace just with what is in my pockets. Of course, I only hack for the good of mankind ;)

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