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Finding Wifi Key With Read/write Access


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I have a Windows XP labtop that connects to a WPA-PSK WiFi network with AES encryption. I do not know the WiFi password.

I do have unlimited read and write access to the C drive and all of its subfolders.

Is there any way to look up the WiFi as it seems to be stored on the computer, because he connects automatically at login.

Thanks a lot in advance,


edit: oh, and i have access to cmd.exe. if anything else is wanted, ask right away, i can look it up in the next few hours.

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The hex key is the key. WPA keys are generated by a passphrase and SSID (the salt) to create the 256bit hex key (hash) that is sent to the router.

However, reversing the hex key back to the passphrase is going to take a very very long time to brute force. Not that it's needed as all you need is the hex key to connect to the router.

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