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Use other DSL account with ISP noticing?


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Yeah, this would be wire fraud, highly illegal, but if you must...

I've never used dsl, but from what I understand, dont most of the newer modem/router boxes (2wire) do phone line auth? I know with Boradband, you can just use their line and have no issues really, but dsl is a different story. You might need their phone line, and if your ISP doesnt do phone line auth, then you should be able to just use their log in info and clone their MAC.

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If you are using AT&T u can change the account settings for PPPoE authorization. Actually done this a few times with my account just to verify it was working while setting up someone elses router. It works... I don't think the speed increases though... I could be wrong. But like the others said, to use your friends account would be illegal. The ISP would be able to easily see this. Better to be safe then sorry.

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