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Hello Hak5

I have been getting an email from a scammer, and would like to find out where the emails are coming from. I would like to get back at the scammer that is doing this to people. I did a lot of searching on the internet and find a similar scam. He posted all the emails he was getting for the scammer. I thank that it is the same scammer, so I would like to track the email and find out what country or state that the email is coming from? It would be nice to get info on the scammer. I want to know who the scammer is and so a cop can wait for him or her at their house. Get one back for the victims.

I am a new to the hacker’s world and learning a lot. Hak5 is a good place for a new hacker to discover the hacker’s world around you and to talk to people that is a lot like me.

If there is any one that can help me with this it would be grateful.


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Spam is usually automated junk mail sent from a pc on a bot net. Most likely, you will never find the true individual who was behind it, only the user whos computer was used during the spam session. In every email header is the IP Address of the sender, but most of the time the headers are forged, with respect to the last machine it came from.

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