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Linux TV tuner?


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I've checked out the site and the software looks like it'll do the job. But I'm still not sure which hardware to buy. A lot of the reports about various tuners are out of date and filled with reports of broken features.

So if there's anybody out there with a working system, can I get a look at your hardware specs?

Of course, a pre-built box with a reasonable form factor and price tag would be great, but I'm beginning to realize that's probably not available.

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Sure mate,


I have a Dell Poweredge SC430 pentium d 2.something. 1GB RAM, Mythbuntu 9.4 2X Leadtek DTV200H revision i PCI DVB cards 2X Artek USB DVB cards. Have to look them up to see what model number. 2X WD 1TB SATA 2 drives.

As to PCI cards vs USB, not sure, my PCI cards have been in there for years now though. Older tuners seem to be better supported, you can often find them going cheap on ebay.

I'm in Australia so my cards don't apply to you.

I run an automatic job after recording completes to transcode to MKV (thanks Auric)

And I use Shepherd to harvest my schedule data.


2 XBOXes running XBMC (I use the XBMC2MYTHTV script)

4 Windows PCs, laptops and netbooks, XBMC using Mythbox script

1 Mac laptop, XBMC using Mythbox script

The XBOXes are old now and won't show HD content, I'm hoping the boxee box will be a suitable replacement when it comes out.

I schedule shows via MythWeb from a browser on the above machines. I can VPN in when I'm away to schedule a show if I forget.

Pre-built boxes tend to be expensive and don't have the flexibility I have the 1 backend box for all 7 frontends. And all it cost me was a couple of hard drives and some tuner cards.

If you have any specific questions, I'm happy to answer them.


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OK, I'm planning to buy a Hauppauge 1600 PCI card. I'll let you know how it works out.

I think I might check out free Windows DVR software like GB-PVR or MediaPortal.

EDIT: It's working out well, in Windows anyway. The digital tuner in the 1600 doesn't have Linux drivers. (The analog tuner can use the 150 drivers.) But it's nice to have two tuners in one card: both can be used at the same time.

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