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Is it worth it


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I recently got a new computer and my friend was wondering if he could trade for his laptop because his parents are looking fora desktop. my specs are

xps 410, about 3 yrs old

2.14ghz dual core

256 nvidia 8600gts

250GB hdd SATA

19inch widescreen with attached speaker

dvd drive

all good condition with xp sp3 installed

his is vista home premiun 64bit

4gb ram

nvidia geforce 8800

intel core 2 duo t5550 1.83ghz

dvd rw

283.34 hd with second sata bay

memory card slot

now, im tempted becasue with my old machine i was just going to turn it into a server but a gaming laptop (he mentioned it was a gateway fx laptop ) so not a good battery but good for lans and power working... im thinking of it, what say you? also, i still have my netbook so i can go with it too

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Sounds fishy to me. Why get rid of a high end laptop for a lowend desktop? Something must be worng with it. Buyer beware...

Edit: after looking at the laptop specs again, not sure that its any better than the desktops.

Google shopping lists them around the same price.

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Sound sliek youve already talke dyourself into it, then just do it. Laptop for portability vs somehtign you migh tnever use for anything, sounds like you should just do the swap. Just make sure theres nothing wrong with the laptop.

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I would say yes, especially if you never had a laptop before. This would be a good option, and gateways seem to be built pretty sturdy *albeit a pita to resolder the charger connector as I had to do for a friend last week*.

You have never lived until you have couch surfed :P

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dont get me wrong, ive had my share of laptops my first two computers were laptops then a desktop and an AAO, just never a gaming one and one i might use for LANs, but alright i will.... ill miss my desktop, all the fun we've had the porn, the torrenting, :( LOL

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