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IRC Quotes =D


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a idea thrown around in the irc...

darren said yeah so let the spam begin...

darrens fav quote:

dhp1080: people with huge hands have tiny penises

dhp1080: it’s a known fact

Nate|DigitalHi5org: good thing my hands are huge

dhp1080: lmao

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13:22 EST Mubix: ‘tllo

13:23 EST Mubix: the ‘t’ isn’t very close to the ‘e’ is it

13:23 EST Mubix: no, i’m not trunk

13:27 EST Duelus: mubix not trunk?

13:28 EST Mubix: …

13:28 EST Mubix: *drunk

13:28 EST Mubix: DAMNIT

Lmao, gosh I need to get on the irc more often.

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