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Bird lovers?


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Is anyone here in hak.5 a bird lover? that know's decent information on taking care of them? I know i could google for questions but im really curious and would like to get help from an actual person, because i cant stand to watch anmials lay on the side of the rode i picked up a baby sparrow, and i think it hit an window, and no place around here will take a wild bird in, so i would like to help it out, but would like to get advice from anyone i can.

edit: well i should have given more information:

It doesnt really fly but its wings are okay, i keep offering it food and water and i put the bird seed up to it and it try to open his mouth, and i dont really know what to do for that, and the water he kinda put his beak into it then blows bubbles with it, so i have no idea what that means.

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Animal shealter... there full of dieses and parasites. Also, some birds look after there young after they have left the nest, if you scare the parents away the baby will starve and die. So if you see a babybird on the curb, just call animal welfare. Not sure what its like the the US, but we have a voulenter organisation called the RSPCA, which i belive is called ASPCA in america, but you should be able to find more info locally. You could try vountering at a local shelter if you want to help animals, but please take the baby bird to a vets or a shelter, if you don't know how to look after it properly it will die... And don't join PETA ;-)

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Wow, you are very weired (like my spelling). You will never be evil overloard of the Earth if you do things like this :twisted:, learn to not care!! :P

dude.... stop poisonning the forum... SERIOUSLY!

Kainchick > I will just take him to the veto, you could google some rescue animal ministry association - they could help ya... but ya I know how it feels when you get birds in that shape... it's sad to say but if you don't do anything, it's gonna die in few days -- few of the birds I tried to save by myself ended up dying and yes! they could not fly anymore even though on the outside they seemed ok. A bird not used to a cage, usually can hardely make it -

hope you get to know what to do

- peace

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