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Lightweight Web Browser (+Javascript)


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So I have my Zipit Z2 flashed with Debian Linux installed, and I am trying to get a lightweight web browser. Ive tried literally about 10. Links2 works good enough, it just does not have support for Javascript (there is a -enable-javascript 1 option, but that does not seem to do anything). Theres eLinks, but thats command line only and does not show images. Midori works, but its very slow starting up and loading pages, and does not fit entirely on the screen (even when maximized). Netsurf and dill do not do javascript either, and I cannot figure out how to get Opera installed on the device (I have a feeling Opera is too bloated for the Zipit anyway).

Links2 is what I am using now, but does anyone have a good suggestion of a lightweight web browser with Javascript support that I should try?


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