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I've got an old outdated laptop and I believe there's a use for any old computer.

In this case I wanna use it as a file server for my Droid. I have an FTP client app so all I need to do is setup the server.

What I want is a windows FTP server setup on the old laptop. Its just a remote fileserver for my Droid so the simpler the better. Preferably a command line based program so I can automate it easily with batch

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I don't know about any peticular Command line based FTP server for windows... the free one that I used to use is Filezilla


for those that don't know they do have both a client and a server application. Giving you freeware for both sides of the coin.

You could depending on your version of windows install IIS and use the built in FTP server, but I've no experience with that tbh.

best of luck!

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Thanks everyone. Ill use filezilla on my main laptop and turn the old one into a free bsd server.

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