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ubuntu crippled


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HELP! A little over a month ago i was doing the zipit hack. It was successful. However, I accidentally typed in sda1 instead of sdb1 and killed a computer. Thankfully, that was my backup computer that I only use for things like this. I finished the process using my mac. I would like to get my secondary computer working because it's backup has either a fried bios or a fried graphics card (I can't tell which.) the computer has had some hardware failures that mean that it cannot accept cds or floppys (the drives just whirr and stop and buzz), the bios does not support booting from usb and the bootloader is unusable.PLEASE HELP!

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Remove the HDD, install from another machine, place back in broken pc.

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Couldnt you just go crossover pc to pc for pxe or whatever?

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