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Here are the apps I suggest:

Mobile Defense - Remote tracking of your cell phone if it's lost or stolen

PandaHome - Home screen replacement, gives you alot more features like more home screens

Meebo IM - Instant messaging app. The only one I've found that works with my company's Jabber server. It's free and the best mobile IM app I've used so far. If you use Meebo.com then this app syncs with that website.

CalWidget - Great calendar widget to replace the default one. I love it cause it combines my corporate calendar and my personal calendar in one view.

Evernote - I love Evernote and this is the Android app if you use it.

ShopSavvy - Bar code scanner that checks online and local prices (I also have Barcode Scanner, but Shopsavvy has more features)

ActionComplete - To-do list manager. Follows the Getting Things Done methodology if you're into that. I've tried 2 others, and this one works better for me. Also has location awareness, so you can assign a task with a location and AC will notify you when you are there. (I turned off that feature to save battery)

TasKiller - one of the better task killing apps. I like it because of the widget it has.

The Great Land Grab - neat little GPS game

Twidroid - Twitter app

Aloqa - nice app to find places around you. Great if you travel

Where - another app similar to Aloqa

Places Directory - similar to Aloqa but I think it's Google's app

The Weather Channel

NewsRob - Great RSS reader that syncs with Google Reader. If you use Google Reader, get this app. It's the best one I've found so far

Movies - Great app for finding info about movies playing in theaters

Google Goggles - Neat concept, but doesn't work that great. Still fun to show off to friends

I also use Documents To Go (paid app) to view/edit MS Office documents.

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Great list DemonKnight. I'll add a few that I like:

AppAlarm - Great for waking up to Pandora. I use the paid version.

Lookout - Backup/antivirus for your phone.

Shazam - Listens to your surroundings and will tell you the song that's playing.

Pandora - Internet radio

Abduction - Fun little game.

Daily Dilbert - For your Dilbert needs.

DroidLight - Gotta have this one. Uses camera LED as flashlight.

RingDroid - Not sure if this is installed by default or not. Used for ringtones.

Seesmic - Twitter client.

FxCamera - Different camera effects.

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