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Dell Power Edge 2650 wont boot from CD or HDD


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Hi Guys,

I recently scored a 2nd hand dell poweredge 2650 server, I was planning on installing ESXi onto it but I am unable to get it to boot from cd. I have set the correct boot priority in the bios but it is still unable to boot from CD or one of my other SCSI hdds with an OS installed for that matter and I get a "no boot device available press f1 to reboot or f2 to enter setup".

Any idea's on what it could be or how you reset the bios for it back to factory defaults (I don't see an option for it).

The bios version is A20.

Please don't tell me I have to pull the sucker apart and remove the battery. Server hardware n such is a little foreign to me.

P.S: If you guys need any more info to help trouble shoot just explain what needs to be done and I will supply it. Replies maybe a touch slow seeing as I am between house's at the moment.



If its worth anything the server came with 3 scsi hdd's x2 36gb and one 100 and something. Was hoping to have this running as a stand alone and none of that mirroring stuff. I have another 2650 that I have never had an issue with other than the mirroring which I have been meaning to disable for sometime now but have been busy with studies.

I just checked the bios config on my other 2650 server that uses bios A18 and all the options are the exact same as the A20 yet my A18 will boot with no issue. If I was to take a stab in the dark my guess is the issue lies somewhere within the RAID utility but I have no idea how to tweak it. I check all the status lights and as far as I can tell it is not a hardware issue but Io will change the CD rom drive over in the morning to confirm this.

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