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Chrome Extension Idea


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So I just started messing around with extensions for Chrome and they're pretty awesome. They're really easy to make and you have quite a lot of control. I've already installed a few as well as made a few of my own. I didn't make anything that anybody else would get use out of, just some small things to make my browsing a little easier.

Anyways, after getting the basics of extension creation down, I started thinking about what kinds of things you could make. I figured that it might be fun to ask the Hak5 community for some good ideas. If there's anywhere to get killer ideas for cool things to make it would be here. So...anybody have any good ideas? What kinds of extensions would you all like to see (assuming you use Chrome that is). What kinds of things would you make if you could?

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Can it be used to manipulate the existing window? As far as I knew there were no real 'themes' for chrome outside of changing the background of the existing window bar. Making an Ie7 cloning theme would be nice for me (so I could get better browser performance @ work!)

What about an FTP manager applet?

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I'm not sure about the themes, I haven't really looked at how they work. So far I've only seen custom colors and a custom background image, as you said.

As for the FTP manager, I like that idea. Only problem is that my limit (for now) is working with HTML and Javascript. You can embed plugins inside the extensions, but I have no idea how these "plugins" are made, and I'm not sure if it would be worth making an FTP client in Javascript. I can't see it being very effective, let alone working.

I'm currently working on two extensions at the moment. Nothing fancy, just some things I figure will be good to have. The first adds links below YouTube videos that allow you to play the MP4 version, as well as download the SD/HD MP4 files. The second displays any embedded content in the current page (tab), such as flash/java applets, audio/video files, and potentially images and scripts (JS, CSS, etc) if I feel like adding them in. It also creates links to allow you to download any of these embedded elements. :D

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