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  1. Oh hey, it's 23:32:23 :P

  2. The EVE Alliance Tournament is awesome!

  3. Downloading 15GB of rainbow tables. I wish my laptop was big enough for the 250GB ones :(

  4. Hm...I have 362GB of Steam games installed, which is 87 games. I currently own 132 Steam games. I wonder how much space all 132 games would take up.....

  5. Any cool people want a Google+ invite?

  6. My new Logitech 7.1 Surround Sound headset is on its way. I'm pretty damn excited. Every review basically said "awesome". Sweeeet :D

  7. Half an hour on hold...if my call gets dropped I'm going to throw the phone out the window.

  8. Home cooked hamburgers, summer just wouldn't be the same without them...

  9. So...can all the cool people just get on Google+ so I don't have to use Facebook anymore? Thanks :)

  10. FINALLY got into Google+, anybody else have an account?

  11. She acts just like a nurse, with all the other guys...

  12. Every once in a while you get a customer service rep that offers friendly advice and conversation about things completely unrelated to anything you're calling about. Those are the good ones :D

  13. Who doesn't love random small explosions?

  14. No work tomorrow! Joy! And paycheck tomorrow! More joy! Joy all around!

  15. The new google layout is awesome. Love it!

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