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Networking issue (router on 'cloesed' network)


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I beleive so.. so when I have my router uplinked the data is incremented to it and should always be incremented throughout the network? but by plugging it into a regular ethernet plug that makes it just a switch on the network?

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best solution would be (as stated before) to set your router mac address to mimic the mac address of your wireless card. outside of that I would suggest seeing if someone back home can let you remote desktop into a pc long enough to set up a DNS tunneling server.. But that's a bit much just to go wireless...

Best of Luck

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Basically, you're using the wrong device for what you want to accomplish.

Your problem is the fact that the Netgear DG834G is a combo DSL Modem/router/ap. Your device will only act as a router for the DSL RJ11 interface, and is not a WAN RJ45 Ethernet to LAN RJ45 Ethernet. Your device will only function as a router for the DSL connection, and act as a hub for the LAN ports.

Your best bet would be to go out to Best Buy, go to Newegg, or Amazon and just buy an actual router. Then simply mimic your MAC address on the new router (a common feature on most routers, but not on a DSL modems.) Things should then work perfectly. Hope this helps. Get the right device and what you want to do is very simple. ;)

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