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Clients are not connecting

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I have my Fon set up with Jasager v1. The only problem is clients are not connecting. I get no errors everything looks like it should be working but when I open my test laptop it does not connect to my Fon, instead it connects to the real AP. I share my internet no problem though it but the problem is you have to be connected to the OpenWRT ssid that appears in the standard Windows "Avalible Wireless Networks"(Should that even be showing up?). Any thoughts? Thanks.

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If you have set it up correctly then the Fon doesn't broadcast anything just accepts connections for whatever is asked for. Try asking windows to connect to the ESSID findme and see what happens, if you connect then Jasager is working, if not then it isn't.

If it isn't, check you've got karma turned on in the interface.

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Clients connect based on a variety of factors, mainly signal strength but also encryption level and known MAC address. Your clients are choosing to go elsewhere so the real AP must be offering something better.

To stop the beacons ssh to the fon and edit /etc/config/wireless and blank out the ssid field.

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I'm also having this issue and my install went all ok.

OpenWRT appears in the list of available networks and the laptop automatically connects to the correct AP.

I've logged into the web gui for the fon/openwrt and edited the /etc/config/wireless file and removed the essid...rebooted the fon and OpenWRT still appears.

Any other ideas would be great

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i've taken it out of the config file.

i've tested it on two laptops... in windows 7 it's just detected as "other network" and in windows xp it doesn't appear at all.

I got windows to look for the ssid of "findme" and it found it all ok...and connected well.

As far as i can see jasager is working ok, just not broadcasting or "mimicking" the real AP's ssid...

I've also removed the virtual device created in x-wrt and recreated it thru jasager in case something was screwed up there.

I had the same issue with the later version of Jasager too, just like the other guy.

I there a way that i can say return this thing to it's complete original state as just a fon and make sure everything else is gone and then just start again?

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That sounds like it is working perfectly. Jasager doesn't beacon ESSIDs it just accepts incoming connections.

If you really want to start again just reflash it with my firmware but there is no point if it is working.

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ok ...i feel like a complete noob...but we all start somewhere....:)

i now understand the process in creating the "findme" connection... duh.

my laptop has never been out of the house ...thus the only network its ever used has been a wpa network which the fon doesn't mimic.

i created several other open networks from findme to all sorts of creative names...and of course jasager found them all.

i feel like a complete twat now of course, but happy to know that i've got the bloody thing working.

Cheers Robin

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