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IRC change


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1. I put this topic here because I think it's more a hak5 community thing rather than a specific irc thing

2. Haven't been around much (well just watching and not logging in)

I can understand the reasons for the move. You don't want this to be the environment a first time viewer sees :) :

<randomIRCDude1> it made Darren look like a fool as best as I can tell

<randomIRCDude2> he's just in it for the fame and girls

<randomIRCDude2> he has got both now


<wetelectric> ahahaahahahaha

<wetelectric> "<randomIRCDude2> he's just in it for the fame and girls"

<wetelectric> hahaha

<wetelectric> jesus

<wetelectric> awesome

<randomIRCDude2> wut :< <---- wet note: he actually doesn't get why im laughing

<wetelectric> i need to quote that, actually no

<wetelectric> I think I might try that new channel

<randomIRCDude2> wetelectric, ? <----- wet note: he still doesn't get it

I will say though, as an old school regular I don't like being associated with the above. Most of the people there (in the old hak5 channel) are not like that at all. A lot chat in the channels and post on the forums even during season breaks and are generally nice people, keep that in mind. Just thought i'd mention that.....

Feel free to lock if this thread goes mental.


Please instead of hak.5 stickers can you send some spare fame and girls Darren. cheers.

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Irrelevant as this might seem, allow me to make a point:

I love my phone as a PDA but the phone part sucks, sometimes I complain.

I love energy drinks, they're expensive, sometimes I complain.

Chicks are nice to look at, sometimes they have flaws, I complain.

Booze is great, sometimes I get hangovers, I complain.

I love my eeepc, sometimes I wish it was a better model, sometimes I complain.

I love music, sometimes the lyrics spoil a great tune, sometimes I complain.

Linux is free, open source, highly portable, sometimes it just doesn't work, sometimes I complain.

Alright, so sometimes it's easy to sound more pissed off online because context and tone are sometimes lost, and sometimes you have to tolerate and express your dislike for the bad bits to appreciate and enjoy the good bits. Does that mean I wish my phone, my energy drink, women, booze, Asus laptops, music and Linux never existed and should be slaughtered mercilessly? Absolutely not.

Nothing, and I mean nothing, is perfect. People are not perfect, media is never perfect, and communities are certainly never perfect. Sometimes you have to take the good with the bad, regardless of which side of the coin you're on, and sometimes that's just life.

Oh yeah,



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I've make no secret of the fact that I think this was the right thing to do given the circumstances, it is just a real shame that it had to come to this due to both people on both sides of the argument seemly having a complete inability to come to a compromise. Its been badly handled by everyone involved tbh, something which has unfortunately typified relations between the show and certain sections of the community. In short, the right decision for all the wrong reasons.

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I should clarify my above post, I don't necessarily think that it was a bad decision, but I do think that all sides of the equasion were perhaps misunderstood at various points in the numerous discussions and debates in a vicous circle of nagative feedback and some of those involved may have been painted in a light which they might not have deserved. Irrelevant now, perhaps, but everything in this chapter happened for a reason, much as it has in previous chapters, and I think certain motives were misread or misinterpreted due to preconceptions, misconceptions and miscommunication.

I do think the DNS alteration should've been handled better, but it's done now, MintIRC and Hak5 have officially parted ways, and I think it's probably for the best, no more of the aforementioned discussions or debates to be misunderstood or irritated by, and everyone knows where they stand.

Still, I hope Hak5 and Zone9 have a fruitful and productive two-way relationship and the respective communities accept each other with open arms. I know Zone9 certainly has a different way of working, perhaps for the best, but I do hope that concerns previously noted will still be taken into account as they were put across for the benefit of the community, not for those who ran it.

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I should probably qualify too... i'll probably stay on the old irc mostly. Because:

people come there for laughs

not just to see if a member of the show is there

random stupid shit happensControls · View New Posts · My Assistant · My Friends · 0 New Messages

not too many kids

not too many kids

zombie hookers

irc quotes

A channel that produces the above is not something i'll leave :) So yeah irc people big wet naked hugs and a wet fish across the faces:)

Let's just hope with this change there will be less bitching about hak.5 :)

Don't know about hakhouse, im sure it's great though.

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