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How to desinfect Virus Nest PC?


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Supose you have a very nice PC, with all that touches you realy like and touck much time and awerness to make!

The Anti-Virus free prog didn't catch tham!

What can we do?

Hijackthis! OK, but is out here some HowTo to this?

PS: Sorry for my bad Inglish, sorry to if my post is not in place!

"With litle Bits we can make god BOTs"

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Try this guide:


If combo fix says you have virut, re-format your computer. In my experience there is no sure way to completely rid your computer of this virus.

After the guide is complete, scan with panda anti-virus pro 2010 not the shareware version, and NoAdware if you can get them.


Take a look for any unfamiliar programs running with System Internals Process Explorer,

If you can't remove them, google it.

Uninstall all anti-malware/ anti-virus software.

run autoruns.

Un-check any unnecessary software


install AVG

Update, Run an advanced full system scan, un-check scan only infect-able files.

I work for a computer repair shop, i use this method when re-installation is a problem. It will get rid of 99% of malware.

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For a brief moment I considered the possibility of a sticky on this... then I realised the only thing it'd say is "Nuke it." in a single post, so perhaps it's not really such a good idea.

Maybe so... I feel like we've had this conversation a few times before.

Bottom line seems to be unless you're getting rid of the viruses for the fun of doing it, just reformat and restore your important files from backup (you are backing up, right?)

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Yeh! that's it.

I'd tried a few steps, but I know that in the end, even if it all seams right, we always have that feeling something still infected.

So, bottom line: - Format; - Restore; And lets search for all those plug-ins we like.

Never the less, I thing this How-to is worth trying.

Thanks 4 all your help!

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