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Windows XP Full Install


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I know how to boot the iso file of windows xp but when i go to reboot it says i need the cd, how can i map the cd in grub4dos and then boot into the seccond part of the windows xp installer?

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Has anyone tried my method I mentioned for windows XP on the mutipass? I still have not gotten to it. Sorry to be lazy. Just had a baby (well she did..... I don't think I could), and I am in the middle of a full quarter in school. When I say ill get to it later, I'm talking like in 5-6 weeks LOL. You can try it though. It works on a single USB stick using grub legacy. I don't see why it wouldn't work with extra menu entries and data. Heres a copy of my post from episode 5x24 thread.

Actually I got a solution... it involves placing content on your root. I have not tested this yet but it should work.


Go watch my tutorial on YouTube

showing how to create a WinXP bootable thumb drive with winsetupfromUSB. This 3rd party software uses grub4dos also so the restructure and .lst contents should be able to transfer right over.

After you're done with that copy the contents of your bootable drive over to your multipass root and use this menu.lst entry

title Windows XP/2000/2003 Setup- First and Second parts
root (hd0,0)
configfile /winsetup.lst

You will also need to create a new .lst called winsetup.lst that you can see the entry above is calling. Place it on the root of your drive also.

color black/cyan yellow/cyan
timeout 10
default /windefault

title First part of Windows XP Professional setup
root (hd0,0)
chainloader (hd0,0)/$WIN_NT$.~BT/SETUPLDR.BIN
savedefault 1

title Second part of Windows XP Professional setup
root (hd0,0)
chainloader (hd0,0)/NTLDR

These menus are obviously customizable like your menu.lst also so enjoy (Where is that wannabe sexy picture of Bill Gates at again for my Windows Menus???biggrin.gif ) Now that I'm thinking about it you could really organize your menus with sub-menus and graphics if you wanted to. Hmm.... Let me know if you try and it works I wont get to it till later.

BTW the timeout is short [10] you may want to extend them, and while rolling through the installation you don't need to babysit it, the menu selection will change itself over from first part to second part automatically. I think there might be a way to turn this into unattended I'm not sure yet, ill look into it later. GLHF

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Cool, I might try this a little later to put XP back on my eee

I used this technique for my mothers AAO, it works fine if you don't have a usb cd-rom drive to hand and you can expect some pretty quick installation times (well for xp anyway). A caveats to watch for though-sometimes XP, in all it's wisdom installs itself with d: as root, not a functional issue but untidy. I also found I had to do another install over XP using the i386 folder in order to get a clean installation free of problems.

Maybe you could do a segment on this as it's possible and very useful for an admin and possible with the AAO and most other netbooks:

Utilising PXE booting, Freedos and a SAMBA share, you can do a complete network install of XP using open source tools.

If needed, I'm sure I could write something up going into greater detail, incorporating LTSP for instant Ubuntu action over a network.


I'd recommend just dropping XP from the AAO. Ubuntu is all I have on mine and I've never had any issue or need for XP.

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