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what fon should i buy [ fon2100/fon+/fon2.0 ]

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hi every one i am new to all this i am wanting to make a jasager=the yes man but/ pinapple

there are 3 fons in total and i do not no which one i should buy because

darren is using the fon2100 for the pinapples also

darren is using the fon+ for the monkey and plus i can not find anything to do with hacking the fon 2.0.

i like the 2.0 because it is new and because it has usb so i realy could use that but dose it do the same as the fon2100 meaning hacking wifi and everything els if not y should i get this one because i am going to be usaing it for hacking and downloading when my pc is off which i have seen u can do.

plus if i flash it or do what ever it taks to be abale to use it as a hacking tool will i still be able to use the usb and all other bits and bobs

please get back to me asap thanks


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