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Solar Powered Fon, need help


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I don't want to waste batteries powering the Fon to go. Ideally I would like to have some rechargable batteries powering the Fon, and being recharged by the solar panel, but I think that will get a little too complicated.

Right now I just have a Fon, an 8 x AA battery holder, a connection that goes from holder to Fon, powers up fine.

I was looking at these panels ( Here ) but I don't know too much about power ratings etc and what all I would need.

If anyone has any tips, or would like to give me a brief lesson :) it would be much appreciated. Thanks

This didn't really fit in the Jasager board, but if it belongs there can a mod please move it

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for most of my solar mods, i use solar lights, found commonly in hardware shops, super markets and peoples front laws.

9/10 times they use recharage AA batteries, though to make the product cheap, they tend to make them with nasty batteries, so you might want to pick up a decient set.

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I've seen in sporting goods places like Bass Pro Shop and Cabella's they sell 500ma@12V panels intended for charging the battery of a deer feeder for around $70. That and a small lead-acid battery should give plenty of solar wifi goodness. They also have panels made to keep a car from going dead in storage; I've seen a really cheap one and a really good one at Bass Pro Shop in the boating isle, but I'm sure it can be found elsewhere.

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