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Hi there I wanted to know if there is a way I can connect a linksys router to my modem but instead of using cat 5 use the wireless to connect the router so that way I can put the router closer to a computer and use cat 5 for the computer I need to know if this can be done because I cant run cable thru my walls thanks for the help.

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Get hold of a WRT54GL, install dd-wrt and use client bridging to connect your 2nd router to your first router wirelessly. The 2nd router, plugged into your computer via CAT5, merely bridges the internal switch with the wireless interface which is connected as a client to you main router, which is cabled into your modem. You will loose a little speed but not much.

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I was thinking of putting DD-WRT on the linksys but am I going to run into trouble since im connecting to my modem or do I need two linksys

Unless you have a spare linksys around, it would be cheaper to connect the modem to your router via cat-5 then buy a cheap usb wireless dongle. I have seen them on woot.com before for as low as $10.

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if you internet connection has wifi access. check to see if your router will support dd-wrt firmware. the following link gives the supported routers http://dd-wrt.com/dd-wrtv3/dd-wrt/hardware.html. Also when you download the software verify which version will fit on the memory of the router. All routers are not created equal. The reouter i use is the WRT54GL, i have two of these. I am using this setup to connect to the internet along with having a switch (more or less) where i can possibly plug in ethernet enabled devices (ie. test PC, PS2, Media extender, Client computers). In the attached pic my computer is I use the Netgear (108Mbps) to stream media from the internet. As others have said the speed over wifi will be slower. Depending upon distance between wifi antennas, speed of the wifi connection and signal strength (the normal disclaimer on the box of WIFI products).

If you need help with set-up let me know.

My two cents



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