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I am currently thinking about getting an Alfa AWUS036H 500 mW, and I came across this. Has anyone ever used this, it says it is plug and play in Backtrack 3. Is it the same range as the Alfa. I want to get one before I go on Vacation. Thanks

I was thinking about buying a Alfa 500mW as well, i've been hearing good things about them but when i saw darren rocking one I finally sat down and did some research about it.

That Rok500 looks nice, but is a bit on the cheap side. You know what they say, you get what you paid for.

At the moment I'm thinking about getting a Ubiquiti BULLET2 with a nice beefy omni antenna for my outdoor wireless setup. http://www.wlanparts.com/product/BULLET2-O...from_Comet.html

I really don't like the guys @ wlanparts. They're located a mere mile away from my office and wont let me pay online + pick up to save on shipping DESPITE their website stating that they accept pickups with payments on the website...

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I just ordered the Rok500 with an 8 dbi antenna last night should come by tomorrow. Just wanted a good range wireless adapter for BT3. Here is the recipient.


> ------------------------------------------------------

> Order Number: 10484

> Date Ordered: Tuesday 30 June, 2009


> Products

> ------------------------------------------------------

> 1 x 500mW WIRELESS-G USB adapter WARDRIVING kit w/ SMA jack () = $32.97

> 1 x NEW 8.0 dBi gain rubber duck antenna w/ RP-SMA connector () = $12.99

> ------------------------------------------------------

> Sub-Total: $45.96

> United Parcel Service (1 x 2.2lbs) (Next Day Air): $23.91

> Total: $69.87


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