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I registered at GHRYGGZ's tech forum!?!?


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I'm now member number three. Of course I didn't uses my hak.5 password, since if it was the same, I would probably find my account deleted or something here. Check out my poll on the forums's quality at the disccusions board! (i'm not going to give a link 'cause the site is to damn slow.) I think GHRYGGZ should have got a phpbb2 board instead of this proboards poo.

My sig is nice on GHRYGGZ's tech forums.

P.S. If gonna try out GHRYGGZ's post detailing 3 ways to bring down a system. :twisted:

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I know GHRYGGZ is a member, but who would be the other member on his forums.

GHRYGGZ, did you sign yourself up twice?

Edit: Goddamit


missed the thread telling me GHRYGGZ got banned

too bad it was BEFORE i got an answer to my question. haha

i guess i'll manage without a proper answer to my question. :)

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you moron. Do you really think I didn't unplug my modem and routers (for saftey) for 30 secs after pwning your forums, as per your instuctions?

Laugh on!!!!

Ye haw.

Damn it feels good to be a gangster.

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