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What the hell is happening?


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We had three lab machines die within two weeks all completely randomly. Of course, we (my coworkers) ran the usual array of diagnostics and determined they had to be a motherboard failures. The company that built our PCs sent us replacements, and I installed them. Everything worked fine, I got them back on their feet and installed updates and what not.

However, the second we put them back into their mounts in the labs, they die again. I'm utterly perplexed as to how this happens. Afterward, I'll bring them back to the staging room, and we'll run the tests again. I even went as far as to try the different processors and components from working lab machines and it was still unresponsive but the other parts worked in the working lab machines.

By die, I mean, they power on, don't give the system beep, and no video is displayed. It doesn't even activate the monitor (it stays with an amber light). The computer must be hard reset to turn off.

Any ideas? I'm going nuts over here.

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Do you fit any physical security to the cases? A few years ago we had some lab machines that wouldn't work when the physical security was fitted because the screw that fitted it was slightly longer than the one it replaced and it was shorting something out in the case.

I assume that you have checked that all the cards and connectors are fitted tightly (loose connections can be a pain as they work loose while you are moving the machine out to the lab but then sometimes they work their way back in enough to work as you move the machines back into your office for testing.)

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Are there any sqeezing on the sides or bottom of the cases to install them in their own areas? I am thinking something is shorting (just not in a horrid way.. the pwr sup. catches it upon startup)..

LOL! reminds me when I was a ghetto computer nerd (back in tha day... say 96-97). I had this board that WORKED but only if you put something in the middle of it to make it bow down cause it was CRACKED! hah! good times.

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