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Need Help Locating a Website


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i know this is very vague so flame away if you wish, im an avid mac and linux user, i use to do pc support before moving to a different company, there use to be this website that had great free pc utilities to use and it was skinned like a windows desktop... thats all i can remember and i dont know the address or name, just curious if any of you guys and gals might know...

also if you know of any great sites with pc utilities that work well, esp for data recovery

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Sysinternals? Was bought out by Microsoft, but all the tools are still available from Microsoft now. Mark Russinovich is the guy who created a lot of windows utilities people use all the time. Not sure if that is the site you were looking for, but might be worth a look.


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NO!!! I remember it too! It was a freeware site where you could get all kinda stuff... God what was the name of it, but yah, the whole site setup had a windows theme (and I mean like in windows) real easy to navigate...

it was like bestfreewindowsutils.com or something of that nature...

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<sarcasm>There is also this new fangled thing in the browser these days. They call it bookmarks. Some people call them favorites. I don't know what they are talking about, but anyone use them?</sarcasm>


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