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As you probably know, Windows Vista Home / Premium only allows you to automatically backup certain file extensions. You have to buy a more expensive version of Vista to choose folders to automatically backup.

I did a google search for backup programs. I found a lot of free ones. Some were with Java. (I don't want to have to install and constantly patch java's security problems on the several computers that I want to install this on.

What backup programs do you use? Do you know of any open source / free utilities that allow you to make automatic backups or very user friendly that can just one click backup stuff?


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SyncBack with the option to keep two folders identical! :)


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If you want real dirt cheap way where you don't need to download/install anything I used to use Windows briefcases (built into Windows and still do actually) before I got Acronis to sync stuff to an external drive. Sort of works but gets very slow with video files and doesnt work with Access databases too well for some reason. I still use it for syncing up with my UFD between my two computers so I always got access to work related files :)

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