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  1. helpme0k

    DDOS help

    Thanks hak5 community! I'm going to bring these recommendations to my boss now. Appreciate it!
  2. helpme0k

    DDOS help

    I have a website that is currently being bombarded by DDOS. :( This website is very important to the survival of our business and provides our income. The hosting is outsourced to a company. I can't give a lot of details but would like to know of any practical solutions for fending off DDOS attacks. Hiring a company, moving our server, etc. I hope they are just targeting DNS records so that we can do some filtering. :( It's scary to think that some 14 year old kid may be holding our business to the mercy of his botnet.
  3. Thanks for the help! Very much appreciated.
  4. As you probably know, Windows Vista Home / Premium only allows you to automatically backup certain file extensions. You have to buy a more expensive version of Vista to choose folders to automatically backup. I did a google search for backup programs. I found a lot of free ones. Some were with Java. (I don't want to have to install and constantly patch java's security problems on the several computers that I want to install this on. What backup programs do you use? Do you know of any open source / free utilities that allow you to make automatic backups or very user friendly that can just one click backup stuff? Thanks.
  5. Thanks LauBen... I'll just look into that. I have the option of getting 3G it isn't unlimited and it's expensive. I'll look into the satellite thing too.
  6. :) I guess Obama has rubbed off on me with his, "I say to you" expressions and more formal English. Haha. I've been gone from home for awhile. It's not been an easy transition from going from America to here... that's for sure. Anyway, if they want to confirm that my IP is in another country that's cool. I don't think they care though. One other indicator could be, look at the times of my post. :) I must have gotten up awful early to start this topic and write this message. :)
  7. First of all, I would hope that the moderators would respect my privacy and not share my IP with the general public. I don't care if the hak5 crew knows my IP, it's being exposed to the general public that I wouldn't appreciate. Some of my posts I intentionally use Tor for. Also, it appears that you didn't read my posts very carefully. That's ok. Just read the first one and I think you'll get the main gist. It's not the filtering on port 80 that is really so much of a problem... I can only smile at this. I am a linguist by trade. I am definitely from the USA. In fact, if you have heard much international or even British / Australian English, it would be instantly clear that I use native, American English constructions. I try to always write things as correctly as possible. I, of course, make mistakes as well but do my best to use a spell checker. You are definitely a native English speaker. How do I know? Because you make mistakes typical of native speakers. Just so you know, accents are in spoken English, not written. I am not trying to hack anyone's computers... I know very well how the system works here... If I thought it was an issue or I might even get a slap on the wrist, do you think I would do it? If anyone can tell me of a shared hosting service that allows you to edit ports on their server and run an SSH daemon, that would be fantastic. I certainly don't know of any!! In summary, I must say that I am surprised that everyone is of the same opinion. That's ok. I am capable of googling for paid VPNs or SSH tunnels. My desire was to find an ethical company or get a referral.
  8. That's why I am saying fight for your rights... But regardless... You are probably a citizen of the UK right? You have far more rights than I do... so they are trying to shut down torrents? Or they might block a few websites??? All of which shouldn't be done, but you are still light years away from what goes on in non-western countries. P.S. If England made it illegal to learn about hacking / visit Hak5, would you come anyways? :)
  9. Unfortunately, that is not a possibly in my case. I want to at least thank you for taking the time to respond to my post. Enjoy your freedoms that you have. You are very lucky. Make sure you fight for your rights and freedoms or you will wake up one day without them. :)
  10. It's easy to sit in the west with in your societies that empower you and aren't against you and be critical of these things. I am not talking about being given books or being provided as a privilege but rather the concept of a God given right to have the ability to possess / do these things. If you lived in a society that said reading was against the law or taking a car apart to learn how it worked was illegal and / or a violation of the owners copyright or privilege. Would you do it?
  11. Anyway, Sparda in this day and age that's like saying books are a privilege and not a right. I really didn't want this to turn in to a debate...
  12. I'll give a quick rant and then hopefully, we can get back to my request: Being from the west I understand your words and mindset, but I must tell you in other countries of the world and perhaps the country I live in, programs like skype are technically illegal because they use encryption. In fact, any kind of encryption that hasn't been priory authorized by the government is illegal. Of course, technically there might be a way to get approved but first you would have to qualify, the paperwork is unrealistic, and you could end up being watched. Of course that doesn't stop millions of people from doing it because many laws are on the law books but most of them aren't enforced or if they are they have a kind of "pick-and-choose" philosophy. You probably don't live in a country where bureaucracy is so complicated, slow, and bad that most government officials and wealthy operate by just paying people directly to get their business done, where doing the right thing means you or your company goes bankrupt because you pay your taxes and do your work legally. You probably don't live in a country where you would have to save all your earnings for over six months to buy a legal copy of say windows Vista, where the government says piracy is illegal, but illegal software is sold within a 5 minute walk in regular stores. Oh and by the way, that legal copy that technically you don’t even own, you only have permission to use windows property on your computer. You probably live in a country where you know your rights. Perhaps, the country I live in, no one knows what the law actually says or what their rights are, and neither do most of the lawyers. So, thanks for looking after my well-being. I do appreciate it. I've never heard of hackers going to jail in the country where I live. In fact, some of the botnets, illegal fishing websites, etc are hosted here and no one in the government does anything about it. Why? They get their cut. Imagine that you sat in a room and were given a computer and all you could do is use http to explore the world. You heard about online video games, chatting, networking, etc but you “weren’t allowed” to do anything. You're a geek, right? After all, you're at hak5! In many places, just even watching a broadcast talking about "hacking" would be illegal and technically could end you up in jail. Of course, they don’t enforce it like that but if they ever wanted to, they could… Would you sit in cooperation? Would you be a mindless drone? I respect the law, but no group or organization has the moral right to take fundamental human rights like the right to learn away from people. Sorry, if my post seemed rude. It wasn’t intended to be.
  13. Hello everyone. I have been behind a SQUID proxy server for over a year now and it has severely impacted my ability to learn about computers. I am an American but do not live in the USA and I do not have a family member that has the technical ability to set me up either a VPN or SSH tunnel that would allow me to get past the censorship. I ask for help. Is there anyone out there who can recommend a solution. TOR just doesn't cut it for all my needs. What I would use the connection for: 1. IRC access 2. FTP /SFTP for website development 3. Occasional downloading of legal torrent files 4. The ability to download certain movie file extensions that are blocked by the SQUID proxy. (Usually tutorials or other media similar in nature to hak5) 5. Downloading of legitimate, paid content from websites that do not allow downloads from countries other than the US, UK, etc. I welcome logging and someone keeping an eye on what I am doing. I am an ethical, intermediately skilled computer guy. I am willing to pay for this service. I wouldn't use that much bandwidth as I can use my throttled 40kbps down 60 up proxied internet for most of my needs. The squid proxy setup is typical. It blocks every port but TCP port 80 and 443. (Yes, it even blocks DNS). I am willing to pay but need someone I can trust from the hak5 community or a referral to a legitimate professional business service.
  14. How much do they usually make for a referral? Maybe I will just send them the difference through paypal.
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