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  1. ild think more of a public forum n00br00m Think uld need a few experienced people willing to spend some time in guidance and help grow the group. What direction/moto/focus will u have? Obviously non-profit group but how will u roll? What are the foundations of such group? Rules, acceptable and expected behaviour? Get the ground rules right you will create a group but the main point is to make people 'wanting' to research your group/forum/hideout etc Good luck bro's
  2. Put yourself in the coders chair, if you made a great software wouldnt you backdoor it someway so if it is not activated then run a hidden/crypted function.. If FakeActivation = TRUE Call B4ckd00r
  3. What language is it?, you could always decompile it and see what it does ;) i have a few decompilers if you need (hope this doesnt break any rules regarding reversing)
  4. messsy

    usb hack...

    it will get detected more and more if you upload to virustotal as they distribute samples, for things like this you should use hXXp://scanner.novirusthanks.org and tick the do not distribute box ;)
  5. Just to let you know that some cruzers are been blowed by P4 machines, this happened to both of my drives, it might be worth looking into it http://www.techspot.com/vb/topic34986.html
  6. i didnt realist it was the same person who was posting. i wouldnt have got angry if i knew it was him. i dont care what you think and looking at your posts you realy are a nob head
  7. please give more details like What model U3 drive What version of UC are you using Did you get it from official site or where
  8. @sparky and doing that from 44 to 45 for luck of the draw that its an orange home connection... yeah right
  9. screenshot of it as well, how much more proof
  10. i just posted a direct link, that cant be faked its on there server. once this is cleared up ill be leaving this site. give me a video recording software and ill cap it.
  11. Below is a direct link which can not be faked!!! http://www.speedtest.net/result/489010845.png Picture just to piss strinwrap off, now go tell some other mug hes lying, now dont get saying ive hacked speedtests server and uploaded a dodgy pic cuz then ull look like a twat, back to topic, what can i do while this is happening? are there any ways to try and keep these higher speeds im getting?
  12. @h3%5kr3w thanks ;) this is why i dont start many topics on a forum what a load of shit
  13. oki doki then, yes im bullshitting ALL the way, fuckin grow up, like ild go through all this to show off. i know nothing about imaging, if i was to have done this then download the picture and analize it. i said someone can connect through teamviewer. its bollocks from people like you that give forums the bad vibes that have kelled them. fyi saying omfg is not claiming to have reached 100mb, omfg means "oh my fucking god" and this phrase means a state of shock. i never normaly get in arguments on forums as it leaves a bitter taste in my mouth but im realy cheesed off that ild be accused of faking a speed, knowing i could not fake proof. its bollocks
  14. thank you foo :) But its forgotten now, ive been around forums too long to get in arguments ;) kei, your upload speed is amazing, thats more than my normal download :s would anybody sugest i try anything with this?.
  15. not all downloads are fast but most are, im not one to tell lies and make stuff up as a person. most of the people on here would put me to shame, i wasnt going to post up about it but i got spooked with it. anyone know any reliable speed test sites, ill post results straight up. @Seshan yeah it is a shame as upload speed was higher than that standard :'( not complaining though
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