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Ubuntu comes with ALOT of software already !! I first throw on the essentials Nvidia drivers and flash, newest Firefox release, GUFW (firewall)... then Nmap, traceroute, VLC, Quake 3, Doom, Snes9x,Miro whatever else i'm playin with at that particular moment.

If you like the gui just open up Synaptic and search for any software you think you might like/need

Number one tip: Don't get frustrated when you have to do things a little differently than Windoze, once you get the hang of it Linux just "becomes" more natural (my opinion of course)

Welcome to the DarkSide !!!

Have fun

he's right. i was a windows user all my life until i put ubuntu studio on my laptop. dual boot of course. and after a while everything became second nature.

as an example if i hear about a cool piece of software in windows i used to google it to find a download. download the installation files. install it. delete the installation files. and use the program.

after playing in linux ive gotten used to just opening up the consol and sudo apt-get install [name] and bam ive got it. (command may be wrong. for reasons beyond my control ive had to use windows again for a while and i may have forgotten the exact commands)

after a while youll find ubuntu to be a smoother more user friendly interface while still allowing access to more advanced editing possibilities than windows allowed without some retail tool.

not to mention youll find that ubuntu will cost less. a lot of the software is free. and theres almost always an open source alternative to any retail program. and with wine (windows emulation) you can run almost anything

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thats defitnly good reason to switch to ubuntu. I am getting to that point of not wanting to pay for what I can get for free. What would be the best place to find free programs to put on ubuntu?

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