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Hey guys/gals,

I've been using DropBox for a lot of file storing for my college courses and I just found out about a referral program them have going.


Free to sign up, you get 2gb to start and 250MB per referral. (up to 3gb) And the person who registers also gets 250MB.

I know it's not a whole lot, but they use a client side app for their cloud and its just nice to use.


click there if you want to sign up and help a fellow hakstalker out!

Thanks guys,


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I've been using DropBox for about four months now, and loving it.

Didn't know about the refer program, but I don't go to the website much. Will have to drop a link on my blogs.

Wow, I just typed blogs with an S. I have blogs. When did that happen?!?

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I hear ya BitHunter.

I like the idea of cloud computing, but hate the fact your data is with 3rd party people.

Just want to have my own server that I can sync to.

But I guess that's called network shares with a nice web gui.

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