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Melty Blood


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Melty Blood is a anime based, fast paced and exciting 2D fighter for the PC. I suggest you check it out. Great fun!


The latest version out currently is Melty Blood: Act Cadenza Ver. B. A new one will be coming out later this year.

You can actually hook up a USB arcade stick or a XBOX 360 controller to the game. Allowing you to have the console or arcade experience.


Does anyone play Melty Blood and would they be up for some online play? I am currently playing Melty Blood: Act Cadenza Ver. B.

If anyone is up for a fun match sometime? Let me know.


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i've been playing it since the re-act days. somebody made an network capability patch for re-act, but AC probably has a better one. I play by plugging a ps2 or ps3 controller into my pc. works like a charm, and the flat buttons make it easier to do the tougher combos.

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Swathe, let me know what you think of it.

ADM1NX, get AC vB and we can play. I believe to connect with battles are IP to IP kind of like the starcraft (This is how a friend explained it to me, I haven't tried playing online yet). If we could get people interested enough in it, it would be an interesting project to create a dedicated server for it, then server lists. Or we can just post "I will be playing on IP (so and so) at 6pm 2/26/09 type deal. I believe there is a Melty Blood forum that does that and has tournaments out there, that do that.

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ive never played the actual melty blood game but i have played a few of the characters in my mugen engine.

if you dont know what mugen is head to http://www.mugen-infantry.net/

mugen is a fighting game engine leaked by elecbyte a long time ago. the company tanked and now there is a vibrant community of players and developers for it. with how easy it is to create and install characters, stages, and screenpacks. virtually every 2d fighting character is available in this.

ill have to check out melty blood

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