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  1. I am getting ready for it today. I am heading out Thursday. When you guys heading out?
  2. I agree, we should all have a Hak5 party/meetup! It will be a great chance to interact with the hak5 community!!! Also, I just met my companies VP, and talked to him about DEFCON and how it would advance my knowledge, which is true, he said, "I'll pay for your trip to DEFCON, yeah, I'll pay for one conference a year, if the economy was better I'd pay for more, but one a year should be ok, right?" I loved the comment my friend said after finding that out. His qoute was, "Great job with the social engineering!" I laughed hard. I am rather charming =P.
  3. I'll be there on Thursday. I would love to go gamble a bit after we get our badges and maybe go to one of those famous buffets. We can all plan a meet up. I am interested.
  4. HL2: EP3, Star Trek Online, Star wars Old Republic, Champions Online, Prototype, InFamous, and Marvel vs Capcom 2 Remix
  5. Thanks for the suggestion! I'll definitely be there early to get the nifty badges, also, we are going a day early. I will be there July 30th at 11am. What time do they open up registration on that Thursday?
  6. DEFCON is a Hacking Conference in Las Vegas. When: July 30th - Aug 2nd, 2009 Where: Las Vegas at the Riviera Hotel and Casino Website: DEFCON I just booked my flight and hotel. Correct me if I am wrong, I don't think you can pre-register. It seems like at the door registration only. This is my first time in Las Vegas and DEFCON, I am soooo excited XD. Who wants to go and who's going? If you are going, we should plan a meet up!
  7. I like your setup man! Do you have a gun near by in case of zombie infestation?
  8. Not exactly sure but, our grant was over 1 million and we spent all of that, haha. That did include paying me and the director of it (horribly low I might add) to build it. I want to do a revamp of how we are using the equipment. I think there is a lot more we can do with it. If you ever come to the DC area. I can show it to you, also we could play with it a bit ;P.
  9. This is my setup at my old job that I built from the bottom up. It is a virtual lab for remote access to learn how to pen test, engineer, manage, and operate a network. I modeled my lab at home off this one. This is the full topology without the new ASA devices. The following are devices you see per rack "A total of 6 of these racks": 2 x Cisco PIX 515E 2 x ASA 5510 Security Appliances 5 x Intel Dual Core servers with about 8GBs of RAM. (Running Virtual Server 2005, eeeeewwww, I know, I am trying to get them to change it to VMware or ESXi/ESX) 1 x Cisco 871 Access Router (VPN Access) 2 x Cisco Catalyst Switch 2960 1 x Cisco Switch 3550 2 x Cisco Routers 2811 1 x Cisco Router 1841 1 x Cisco 2511 Terminal Server 1 x Radius Server I still have remote administrative access and help out when they really need the help. =)
  10. I use this one for work.
  11. When has there ever been an accident with chemicals and elements? This surely isn't an example! *Hindenburg*
  12. Warming party at my place eh? Soo, should we all get drunk and then work on the server equipment? Then hack, hack, hack, hack? I have some awesome Tequila!! Also I make some awesome sangrea and fruity alcoholic beverages! I am thinking about getting some liquid nitrogen and freezing some alcohol, make them into ice cubes. heheh.
  13. Well guys, looks like I am getting my own apartment soon! That means I will be setting up my remote network soon XD. My apartment will have FIOS XD. I am sooo excited! I am probably going to get 50/50 up/down, hehe. I work for verizon so I get a discount ;p. Shonen, we should definitely link our networks together! That will allow us to setup a better testing environment and more things to play with for all of us! We should discuss how we want to set this up, scenario wise. Like, my network is the main Domain controller with exchange, clients, and website, and your system is a remote site with clients and backup domain controller. Or the reversed. The possibilities are endless! Once I move in to my new place and get stuff setup. I will change the cyberpen website to a more community interactive site with profiles and such that people can comment on and send messages to other users so we can all coordinate.
  14. Very nice shonen, I am setting up a lab as well. Here is my post here. http://hak5.org/forums/index.php?showtopic=12125 I am trying to make a HakSpace community. Check it out and tell me what you think. Maybe we could VPN (Site to Site), make some sort of tunnel into each others networks and do some pen testing and experimenting against each others labs, ne? I will be using OpenVPN, I just got another network card for the box that will be running it, it will be up and running soon. If anyone else is building a lab, maybe we can all network and VPN them together to make a large network for all of us to have fun with. Just an idea. (I am loving the setup!! Dragon Ball! God, that brings back memories.)
  15. Hyde

    You have the cutest signature in the world..... It hurtz!

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