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OpenWRT vs HyperWRT


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OpenWrt make HyperWRT look like a piece of shit. HyperWRT is not much more then stock Linksys firmware with a few added features unlike OpenWrt which is far superior and far more powerful and make it relatively easy to run many things like Asterisk or turn you router into a kismet drown. You also have the option to use a command-line interface if you want to.

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So it seems to work fine but I've got no WAN connectivity, however i'm failing to find a concise n00b guide. Do you know of one?

If you have a cable modem, try unpugging it for 3 minutes and replugging it back in. Most Cable ISPs in the states have a MAC attachment that doesn't allow you to just plug in things at will, some have a 24 hour reset, but most are 3 minutes.

If that doesn't work try checking if you are picking up an IP from your provider. If so, then check your routing table.

Once those are good, you should have connectivity.

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So you've installed it? Please let me know what you think of it because once I read that article I've been vying to ditch my old d-link POS and grab a wrt54g off newegg.

I'm probably looking to do the same functions you are (white-list mac addresses, vpn, etc) and if the dd-wrt firmware works well, I'll put forth the cash for the router.

On that note, does anyone know of a site where I could find non-manufacture firmwares for a d-link 614+? I upgraded to the latest off their site (3.44) and I'm still not impressed with the functions it's capable of. I've been searching google for a while now but all I find are sites that have been long since taken offline. Thanks.

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Yeah, its a whole diffrent thing. Bit complex, but there's loads of things in there that got me thinking. Just need to figure out VLAN support.

If you do get one, make sure you read up on which version to buy before hand. Linksys keep changing the design.

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I actually set up one to drown out any other AP in the area, so it kind of works like a mobile emp wifi bomb.. bad idea to do in public area, highly illegal... again, guys with blue blazers with white lettering...

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DD-WRT wow :shock:

Dam I need to get me a WRT54GS v2.1/v3 lol

Thanks to it's creator and to stingwray & metatron for sparking my interest lol

Actually you can run it on a v5 now... Check out digg to find the article.

Yeah but the v2.1/3's had more ram & a better processor... just incase I ever add an LCD screen output to it & run apps lol

I wonder who will come and visit me if I start doing naughty stuff like that?

The noise police?they come with there little soundproof jackets lol

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