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My thoughts on Ep 4-18


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The episode wasn't that bad.

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Ouch man. At least give the episode a chance. The laser range finding was about building your own laser range finder using a laser and a couple of cameras to put onto the usb missile launcher. The recovering files part wasn't just about using some simple program to do it for you, it was much more complex than that. So before you post something like this maybe you should read the show notes? You can't judge a book by its cover and you can't judge an episode by its title. Also if your trying to criticize the episode (it seems like you made this thread because of the complaints for lack of quality content) then post some constructive criticism.

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The titles of the episodes just reflect some of the main stuff. There are more things in the episodes than just the titles. Also the episodes dont have as much content as they used to because of the sheer time factor of 1 episode a week, but that also means a new episode a week so theres over all a lot more content. Hopefully next week there will be stuff your more interested in but they cant do stuff appealing to everyone every episode.

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