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New desktop purchase


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Just wanting to pick the brains of any1 in the UK who has recently purchased a desktop.

Looking to spend about £300 to £400 for a desktop with monitor for kids playroom. They're 10 and 7. It needs to have a nic as I plan on connecting it up to the home network . I ileaning towards a dell at the moment but as I haven't purchased a puter for at least 3 years wanted to see what u guys came up with. Cheers! Oh and happy new year!

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Dell Optiplex's are nice, especially the Small Form Factor and Ultra-SFF cases. Dirt cheap if you get a factory 2nd from their ebay shop or a 3rd party like EuroPC, comes with a warranty so your safe in case of juice spills and they're small enough to lock away from curious fingers.

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