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Two Car Speakers NEED MODDING!


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hiya..... been watchin the show for like a month now. wanted to get involved

ive got two stock car subwoofers lieing around as I rewired my car audio system recently. jus wondered if anyone had any ideas for a cool mod?? i read somewhere that if you connect up the two speakers you can make a simply intercom system (not very efficent tho...)

any improvements to that or fresh ideas would be really cool!!

cheers --v--

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subs will not make an intercom system they only go doof

i dont think they're actually subs, theyre more basic midrange speakers to be honest.........tweeter with a sub??

newayz...gd idea...wot you thinkin....hook up the subx/speakers to my sound card in some way.....maybe the "SPDIF-OUT" on mi mobo??

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Make a CD player fishtank like I did.



It has a computer power supply that powers a car CD player with some speakers from my old van that wouldn't fit in my new car. There are LED lights above the tank shining down and a cold cathode shining up from underneath. The switches on bottom turn on and off the different lights. The gauges show the voltages and temperature. The omputer power supply did pretty well, but the CD player cut off if you cranked up the volume too much. It was an old crappy one, so I would suggest a newer, higher powered. It should show you how many amps it will put out at 12V, and the CD player will give you an approximate value as to how many it needs.

Other projects I've thought about include the coffee table/subwoofer (just don't set your laptop on it).

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JaValon; Mad props to you... that kicks a$$.

From an old car audio guy, you made my day.

Here's mine (not as fancy) but its got a lighter... 6" DVC sub inside under the deck and 40x2 amp above it.

BTW; see if you can find some 14-16 volt capacitors, large 500+ uF they will help your power supply so it won't clip


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