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NAS recommendations ?


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there are so many consumer NAS solution out now, which would yall recommenced ?

my HP media vault is great, for NFS in linux & with busyBox underneath; friends on the yahoo group compiled mt-daapd. sadly it has a max cap. of 1TB

where is the sweet spot between performance, price & technolust. not breaking the bank would be nice. some options; NS4300N ReadyNas Duo. then there is freeNas

what does the hack house use?

that would be cool to know on the show :)

yall rock, thanks for all the cool ideas

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Don't get me wrong, I have a WD MyBook World Edition 1TB which I picked up pretty cheap, and they are easy to hack, only a few annoyances on the hardware.

But the problem with them is they are very VERY SLOW. It streams media very nicely, including HD, but getting stuff on their in the first place is like getting blood from a stone!

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Drobo is good but very expensive for what you get, especially considering that the base model has no LAN port so it's not really a NAS but an external drive.

HP Media Smart unit looks nice, but is actually a piece of crap. Go and look into the specs, it runs Windows Home Server which is 'very reliable' and it's not actually a RAID stored device, so your data is constantly at risk. It will copy data that you state as being important onto another drive in the unit though, HP says that this is better than RAID.

HP Media vault that you mention, I've no idea, never seen it, is this the precursor to the Media Smart?

OpenFiler: over complicated and you have to pay for the instruction manua. Screw that.

FreeNAS: awsome, do it.

I'm building a freenas box at the moment, got everything ready now, just need to go and buy 4 x 1TB hard drives and I'm good to go.

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