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USB google earth?

Cam H

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I don't have 5 grand though. I'll stick with manually creating portable apps. In Google Earth, if you can find all the dll files it uses and copy them + the google earth folder to a USB drive, you may be able to get it to run from a thumbdrive itself. Its a common practice for making apps portable, is that if you copy all the dll files from windows system folder to the main apps folder, the app often run from the folder the app resides in. In the case of Google Earth, I never tried it, but I have done it with things like Wireshark and Cain with no problems, so I see no reason you can't do it with Google Earth.

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i've got a demonoid link for a torrent that has Google Earth Pro v4.1.7


hope it works for you

2 things. 1 why are you posting warez, and 2, what does that have to do with portable apps?

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Usually if you want to make a portable, not so much, application you would:

Install App.

Copy all the files to a different folder

Check for missing dlls and what not

copy dlls into said new folder

run exe and see if it works, if no then forget about it no reason to have it anyways


Open installer with 7zip/WinRar

Copy ALL files to new folder

Use common sense/knowledge to know which files you need

Run the extracted exe.

You can usually extract dlls from the installer also that can be used in method 1

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