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  1. Hey, i was wondering if anyone in her was updated on the wii menu hack? Just bought one and i would like to enable the backup "feature". I saw that there where a sagment on this on the show but most of the solutions shown there was really early releases, so i was wondering if anyone in here knew the status of those projects? And an additional questin,. does anyone know if it is possible to remove the mod again afterwards?
  2. Well have a blog post about how to do this right here. At least that is one way to do it. Tried it on a friend and it worked like a charm, and is pretty simple, command line should be just about the same in the windows command-line version, but haven't tried though.
  3. Well yeah, nobody would believe that there linux machine has crashed :P
  4. Hey, want to pull a practical joke on your friends? Well nothing better then the blue screen of death don't you think? make your friends think there system is chashing each time they enter the screensaver, by autoinstall microsoft sysinternal bluescreen screensaver automaticly... Link and description here Happy hacking holiday
  5. Many programs has CMD commands for various task, unfortunaly they have started to strip them out of the free version of fx ad-aware (which worked, made me buy it). I'm currenly have a batch file for clean-up and backup that runs automaticly once a week. But you could also use one of those macro applications that simulate mouse and keyboard input, but those have a tendency to fail quite bad if just the smallest things have changed
  6. ZeroBeat

    Unzip .r1

    Usualy there would be a *filename*.rar, which is the first in the serie? but yeah winrar should do the trick
  7. Isn't this portable from the start? just got the folder from a friend and it works without a glitch?
  8. Well I don't think that such a thing exist since IRC is for chat, therefore the entire idea is to be active, but if you are on windows, and really desperate, i can quicly make one? and if so, just for the Hak5? since hak5 usees nickserv, it need to be made pretty specific for that
  9. A batch-script should be able to do the trick,.
  10. If everything fails vmware has released some software for virtualizing applications, you could try that? would give it a try myself but would take days to download google earth on this connection
  11. ZeroBeat


    www.sysresccd.org special linux live distro for getting files out from damage comp, fixing errors, recover deleted/damage files, format and stuff like that, should be able to assist you
  12. The problem it that we got virtually no money at all for the system, so we have to do with what we have, for the first one and then hopefully get some money for equipment later on
  13. Hey need some help, we are organising a big lan event, and want to set up a live tv channel both on a big screen and broadcasted through the network, with live clip from matches, scoreboard, interviews and alike. Making all teh video content is not the problem, but i need a solution for bringing it all together. It will be a mix of webcams, local files, images and videostreams, and shall be broadcasted as stream again, my problem is which software to use, i know mac has the "on-air", but we do not have a mac so does anybody know an alernative solution for windows or linux, where you have a output stream through the network, and then can select from a variaty of input sources? I have tried videolan but the problem is that it closes the connection each time i change input... Any advice?
  14. Well i have not looked into that, but i see a major problem, since you would normaly run linux on an ext2/3 partition, and those do not play well with windows...
  15. Wow i did not do my google-search-homework right, just found this great tutorial, and well might as well share it since this is quite usefull, this is only for booting windows inside linux, but that was also my main concern... Read it here
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