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  1. cla159


    sounds good ill try that but im still open to stuff
  2. cla159


    ya but i need to get on it to get to my pics, vid, and docs so thats why i need some one to help me give me some ideas on how to get it to work rite so i can put the new os on it
  3. cla159


    what i was thinking about was installing linuix
  4. cla159


    ok so you want me to clarify so basically its like this its progressively getting worse me and a couple of my friends who are comp techs think its virus eating all my memory. or it could be an "antivirus" program becuse that tryies to open and then it freezes and i cant delete that from the safe mode
  5. cla159


    ok so here is my problem i got a totally ruined comp says every one who tries to fix it any suggestions i mean i wont even turn on it will like start freeze turn off on normal running mode but on safe mode its some what usable so if you have any ides on how to help my comp and i cant really spring for a new one
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