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USB U3 drives?


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I think U3 might be patented by Sandisk, So far I have looked at, Futureshop, wal-mart supercenter, bestbuy, and The Source (Radio shack), the only ones I could fine where Titanium. I was hoping to get just a couple a 2gb ones. I found that bestbuy online Canada has 1gb and 4gb for $10 and $15 I think I will just get two 4gb ones. Since that is the best price I have seen online, most place's want 2gb for $15, and then there's another $10-$15 shipping on them but bestbuys shipping is like $3

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Hey guys,

I've been doing some looking around and Sandisk indeed hold the patient for U3 and they started charging royalties for the use of the technology. So everyone else dropped the U3 stuff from their products. I've seen a few articles online saying various companies dropped inclusion of U3 from a few months ago. Now we need to find out if there is still hardware support for U3 even though it isn't advertised. I would think that they might have kept support for it to save on the cost of refitting there production lines yet again.


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