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  1. i wonder how sandisk handled or are handling the problem with u3 drives and some pcs. where on some pcs the drive will lock up explorer. been occurring since 06
  2. ya, i know google is my best friend, but imma be truthful here, im lazy as hell. lol i was googling around and read abut some dude who messed his flash drive up trying to do this. I was scared it would happen to me if i wasnt 100% i knew what i was doing. ive read the raymonds site, but i read some were that you guys disclosed Universal Customizer or something. gonzors site been down for some time eh? anyone know when it will be back up? ight ill look around the forums and see what i can find
  3. yes i did. * 1. Download the Payload and the Universal Customizer if you don't already have it * 2. Unzip the Universal Customizer * 3. Place the U3CUSTOM.ISO from the payload zip into the BIN folder of the Universal Customizer * 4. Run the Universal Customizer * 5. Place the SBConfig.exe from the payload zip onto your flash partition somewhere and run it i read that you arnt suppose to use universal customizer or something?
  4. ok i want to do something like switchblade, but idk what they updated and stuff. Like I've only seen old guides, do you know where i can find the most recent guide? What is the most recent programs that you use to hack the u3? thank you for your time. Also, i was wondering if there is a program which you stick in someones pc and it gets there windows pw. like a windows password recovery that works with usb. does chainsaw require admin? is there a away to do it without admin?
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