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  1. Next they will want to protect your child from 'extremist' political opinions. (ie anything that the neo-nazi conservatives disagree with). Strangely, they don't want to protect your kids from stupidity, that's why nobody talks about blocking 'creationist' websites or any other website spreading the religion-parasite, despite the fact that they turn children into idiotic losers ..
  2. If you open the 'Settings'-dialog you can choose the NAND-type in 'Flash-settings' . It's possible you have to choose the correct NAND-type/capacity manually ...
  3. PID 3234 is supposed to be a Ameco-controller, Ameco-tools are here : Ameco MPT's on flashboot.ru I'm not sure about the specific version you have ..
  4. Flashboot.ru has 2 tools for cbm2080, try those and see if it solves the problem: http://translate.googleusercontent.com/translate_c?hl=en&sl=ru&tl=en&u=http://flashboot.ru/Files-file-159.html&rurl=translate.google.com&usg=ALkJrhgPJI-Mx2-UqTljiK7bVXKQRIWcGw http://translate.googleusercontent.com/translate_c?hl=en&sl=ru&tl=en&u=http://flashboot.ru/Files-file-74.html&rurl=translate.google.com&usg=ALkJrhiT9hgcVs3JcCNDPRfKm1PdEZdSyg Some of the older tools may have problems working on Vista/win7 and you need admin-rights. Some antivirus-software may also interfere and you should insure that nothing is accessing the flash-drive..
  5. Damn right you should, instead of building up your own personal mini-East Germany around him .. Then it's hardly personal, is it ? In order to learn children how not to get hurt by life you need to teach them about life ! Naturally, if the kid is not allowed to know what a penis is, you will find it hard to teach him that he shouldn't show it to internet-uncle Bob .. Besides, he probably already knows those words he's not allowed to see but since he sounds like a smart kid he's to clever to say them when you guys listen ...
  6. What error message does it show ? (you need admin-rights and maybe UAC can mess things up to) What's on the CD-ROM ? On some sandisk drives the CD-removal tool is inside the Launchpad.exe file, you may be able to extract it with "Universal extractor" or something ..
  7. VID 0781 is supposed to be SanDisk.. My guess is you have one of these : http://www.checkpoint.com/products/abra/ There are not many tools available for SanDisk products, you could try their "Launchpad removal"-tool but I have no idea if it works on that controller.
  8. I'm afraid you need to start here : http://sosfakeflash.wordpress.com/
  9. IOSys


    Why, because they frequently open up for registrations ? Or because of all the great stuff you can find ??
  10. VendorID 13fe is supposed to be Phison, they have a tool that should work on most of their controllers, Phison MPALL v3.18.00 http://translate.google.com/translate?hl=e...3Fname%3Diflash
  11. All your power-plants are belong to U.S. I guess they will just have to make another falseflag attack to justify bombing Iran ..
  12. Yes, knowing the password always works! If you don't there is no way to do it, bruteforcing isn't "a way for de-crypting.." If you wanna try bruteforcing you will need to build a few nuclear power-plants first : Estimated age of The Universe : 1.373±0.012×10*10 (13.73 billion years±120 million years)
  13. No, "shortcuts" are "similar" to sym-links. As usual microsoft has stolen somebody else's "IP" and obfuscated it's correct name to destroy the evidence ..
  14. A 1955 Vintage Mint Condition (in original box) Nestler 0370 Electro Slide-Rule.. (this is a scan of a late '60's early '70's model, mine has those cool 1950's fonts with serifs ) It's made of an old-time material called "wood" , specifically "Mahogany", and some proprietary plastic-compound .. Einstein ( and Von Braun ) used this one :
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