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i know linux isnt really a gaming platform but i know there are games for it. thanks to a lil game for the ds(ninja town. played the demo) im feeling like playing a good rts game. can anyone suggest one?

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I kinda like Defcon (relatively quick RTS, no plot though). I know there are Civ ports and using Cedega I'm sure you can get all kinds of decent windows RTS games running. That may be the way to go if you're looking for a pay game since they are easier to find for Windows. Other than that, there's usually about 4-10 games under the strategy category for KDE (at least using KDE-mod for archlinux with the kdemod-kde-games group).

Other than that, you can always fire up an emulator and play some good GBA strategy games like Advance Wars even though that particular one isn't a RTS.

After some google-ing for linux games I think I'm going to check out Epiar (space adventure).

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